Montego Bay Convention Center in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay Convention Center in Montego Bay.


The Exciting Outlook for Brand Jamaica is extremely bright. During a recent discussion by IMF (International Monetary Funds) Managing Director Christine LaGarde at the IMF/World Bank Meeting in Washington DC, the take away was IMF data indicates that Jamaica’s growth is out pacing Latin America. The WEO (World Economic Outlook) quarterly data shows the island is outpacing the region.

Ministers of Tourism

Alejandro Castro, marketing director, Costa Rican Tourism Board; Ellison (Tommy) Thompson, deputy director general of tourism, the Bahamas; John McMahon, EVP/group publisher, Travel Agent magazine; Ruthanne Terrero, VP/editorial director, Travel Agent magazine; Richard Sealy, minister of tourism and international transport, Barbados; Wykeham McNeill, minister of tourism and entertainment for Jamaica; and Joy Jibrilu, director general of the Ministry of Tourism for the Bahamas. photo by Travel Agent magazine


The future continues to look bright for Jamaica, especially after signing a four year EFF (Extended Fund Facility) agreement with the IMF for US $932.3 million. The language in the IMF agreement calls for a reduction in Jamaica’s gross domestic product and a surplus forecast. To achieve those goals, additional programs would be implemented and guidelines must be followed according to the IMF agreement.


The Exciting Outlook for Brand Jamaica in the form of tourism continues to soars as record numbers of visitors come to the island each year. During a recent Summit organized by Travel Agent Magazine with Ministers of Tourism from many Caribbean Island, Dr. Wykeham McNeill of Jamaica talked about the importance of the US and Canada to Jamaica where 84% of  the total arrivals are from those two countries.


In addition to the stopover visitors and cruise ship visitors which includes the high standard Disney Cruise, Jamaica are exploring other markets including the honeymoon and wedding markets. The newly open convention center in Montego Bay has been a success in attracting foreign investors. Jamaica is also capitalizing on the sports market and promoting the fastest man (Usain Bolt) and woman (Shelly Ann-Fraser) in the world.


The Exciting Outlook for Brand Jamaica continues to shine bright. The newly created brand “Jamaica House”, which promotes its food, music and sports along with great beaches, silky soft white sand, blue sea and the sexy sunset plays a major role in the excitement. Furthermore, with the celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th anniversary, promoted by countries around the world, the spotlight is on Jamaica as they are prepared to welcome new investment. Dr. McNeill understands the importance of relationships and does not take travel agents and travel specialist for granted as they continues to promote Jamaica House.  The Exciting Outlook for Brand Jamaica was completed with a recent visit by US President Obama & Congress of Jamaican Parent Yvette Clark.

President Obama & Congress woman Yvette Clark on Air Force One

President Obama & Congress woman Yvette Clark on Air Force One going to Jamaica

President Obama and Usain Bolt

President Obama and the fastest man in the world Jamaican born Usain Bolt in Jamaica