Scuba Diving in Jamaica

Scuba diving in Jamaica is awesome. Because the island is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the water temperature average about 75°. As a result, the water is always amazingly warm. Just imagine, the water temperature only varies about   3° above or below the average. So when Mother Nature is at her best, you can plan on your tropical vacation being nothing short of spectacular. As Jamaican born singer Harry Belafonte calls it, “Oh Island in the Sun.”


Try Scuba Diving


So you are on vacation in Jamaica and having a blast. All of a sudden, you get the urge to do something different. Then the thought comes to mind, why not try scuba diving?  So you start to convince yourself, the water is crystal clear and you have always wanted to try it. Many people often wonder, how’s scuba diving in Jamaica? Well, no need to wonder any more, just thinking about the beauty of the Caribbean Sea will give you the urge to want to jump in. The wate is unruffled water and I am a pretty good swimmer. This tropical tranquility of the sea has the most breathtaking coral reefs. With the tempted imagination of the endless treasures, scuba diving and Jamaica makes a perfect match.



The adventure of Scuba diving in Jamaica.


Underwater Exploration


Recreationally, scuba diving underwater exploration will take your breath away according to many scuba divers. To scuba dive, you should have some level of fitness and you should be a good swimmer. This does not mean you must be an Olympic athlete but you potentially could be diving beyond a few 100 feet so it makes sense that you are above average swimmer.


The Caribbean Sea boasts almost 100 species of mammals. While Jamaica is home to seals and manatees (Sometimes call Sea Cow), divers will be marveled by the undersea world and beauty. So for all the interested people who are looking for the next island adventure, scuba diving maybe in your futures? For some, diving in Jamaica is a lifestyle. People from around the world come to the island expecting a great experience.  High expectations and the willingness to explore will equal satisfaction.


Get Certified


Many hotels and resorts offer scuba diving as part of their accommodation. All divers must be certified. If you are not certified on your next visit, no worries, many hotels and resorts offer scuba diving lessons. The training takes between 3 to 5 hours. Divers will learn the art of safe diving. And if your resort does not offer the training, they will arrange and put you in contact with a school that offers PADI (Professional Association of Diving) Certification. PADI will provide you with the basic safety guidelines and skills to dive. These courses will prepare you for the adventure of scuba diving.


No, you will not be thrown in the deep blue sea with someone telling you, “good luck down there.” There are many dive sites in Jamaica. There is also different level of exploration for the skilled divers verses the beginners.   The dive varies from shallow reefs to ship wrecks, from tunnels to naturally form large cavern and so much more.


Caribbean Sea in Jamaica

Caribbean Sea in Jamaica


Scuba Dive Next Vacation


If scuba diving is something you have always wanted to try, let’s include that in the plans for your next vacation. So whether you are looking to scuba dive for extra enjoyment or you have other underwater interest, getting certified is the first step.


Tank for Diving

Tank for Diving


Scuba Diving Gears


All the scuba diving gears will be provided by the resorts. The price to rent the gears and all the required fees will be disclosed when you inquire. For your next visit to Jamaica, consider and discover the pristine coral reefs and explore some cultural history from under the sea.


Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea