Montego Bay Weather

The weather Montego Bay Jamaica you asked, oh it’s fabulous, simply fabulous. Whether it’s Montego Bay Jamaica weather, Falmouth Jamaica weather, Ocho Rios Jamaica weather, Negril Jamaica weather, Runaway Bay Jamaica Weather or any other parts of the island, Jamaica weather is sunshine blue skies. Of course, we have our rainy season, but even then, the weather in Jamaica ranges between the mid-70s to the high 80s all year round. Many people visit Jamaica between October and mid-December. There are several advantages to consider taking an end of year vacation. For one, as the year winds down, so does the temperature and so does the price to visit. So for the persons who want to visit Jamaica when it’s not very hot, the Weather in Montego Bay Jamaica is perfect. And it even cooler on the Eastern side of the island.

Two, there are great hotels and flight deals to choose from at the end of the year. Fewer families take a vacation this time of year because school is back in session. So hotels and airlines are offering lots of specials. Three, the hurricane season in Jamaica ends in October and some folks are more comfortable traveling after the hurricane season. Whereas, in the summer months from June to September, hotels, and airlines prices are more competitive. When comparing the summer months to the peak winter months which is the peak tourist season, the price is higher. The Peak travel season to Jamaica is January to March. In these months hotels rooms are booked out and the airline prices are higher. But even in the winter season, Montego Bay weather is at the ideal temperature, it’s not as cool as the far eastern parts of the island in Port Antonio. The weather Montego Bay Jamaica can be five to 10 degrees warmer.


Montego Bay Tourism

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Fly Jamaica, Jamaica’s only airline carrier.

Tourist flock to Jamaica’s for their tropical climate and rich history. There are lots of things to do in Jamaica and that is some of the reasons why so many visitors come to the island. Another big reason why there are so many visitors is that Jamaica is centrally located. Visitors say it’s the ideal vacation destination in the Caribbean. So whether you are on a cruise that stops in Jamaica or a planned stop-over vacation to Jamaica it’s best to know before you go. Even during the hurricane season, the weather in Jamaica is still fabulous.


Months High Low Rain
January 82°F 72°F  2.7 in
February 82°F 72°F  1.8 in
March 84°F 73°F  2.3 in
April 85°F 74°F  2.5 in


May 86°F 75°F 5.9 in


June 88°F 76°F 5.5 in
July 88°F 77°F 2.9 in
August 89°F 77°F 5.2 in
September 88°F 76°F 6.1 in
October 87°F 76°F  7.4 in
November 85°F 75°F  5.5 in
December 83°F 73°F  3.6 in


Jamaica weather

In January usually average about 76° F. Even though the weather in Jamaica in January is one of the coolest months of the year, for many it’s perfect. January follows the hurricane season and in many parts of the world, it’s winter. So when is hurricane season in Jamaica you asked? The hurricane season is from June to October. From August to early October is the peak of the hurricane season in Jamaica. The temperature in May reaches a daily high of 87° F. November weather reaches daily highs of about 85° F. Whereas, December weather has daily highs of 84° F. Visitors to Jamaica choose the best time of year that fits their schedule and their budget. Because the average weather in Jamaica ranges between the mid-70s to mid-80s, even during the hurricane season, Jamaica weather is beautiful.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The island has fourteen parishes (states) which are grouped into three counties (Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey) and they all have beautiful beaches and attractions. Interestingly enough, Jamaica is only 4,240 sq miles, but according to the Port Authority of Jamaica, the harbor in Kingston or Kingston Harbor is the seventh largest natural harbor in the world.

Jamaica is a brand with a strong global presence. One of the strongest brands from the island is reggae music. The Reggae Music became internationally famous because of Reggae Legend Bob Marley.

Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce pose after winning World Athele of the Year 2013

Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce pose after winning World Athlete of the Year 2013

The island is also famous Jamaican jerk food. Then there is Sports Icon in track and field, the world fastest man Usain Bolt and superstar track & field queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. How about Jamaican singing sensation Tessanne Chin, the winner of US TV singing competition “The Voice”. Jamaica’s first National Hero “The Honorable Marcus Messiah Garvey” is internationally known. Whether you would like to see and learn about Jamaica’s rich history and island-wide attractions or you would like nothing more than to bask in the sun, soak in the sea and drink Piña Colada, there is something for you.

If you would like a tour around Jamaica, a taxi, a minibus or a tour bus is the best way. If you choose a taxi or minibus for your personalized tour, the driver will treat you like family. If there is any doubt or for better peace of mind, introduce the driver to your hotel representative and chances are they already know the folks at the hotel. Discuss with the driver where you would like to visit. Asked the driver for his opinion as well as the hotel representative. So, the weather in Montego Bay Jamaica is fabulous but so is the weather on the rest of the island.