Hedonism Jamaica is so much more than a simple hotel; it is a secret beachside paradise on the 7-mile long golden sand beach at Negril, Jamaica. With accommodation for couples and singles alike and a proximity to the beach like you won’t find anywhere else, this beachside retreat will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated by the time you end your stay.

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What Is Hedonism Jamaica?

Hedonism Jamaica is a tropical resort established on 22 acres of jungle gardens located to the north of Negril’s 7 Mile Beach. Due to the energy and atmosphere of the resort, accommodation is for adult singles and couples only (so no one under 18).

This is due in part to the active party style aspect of this location and the secluded nude (au naturel) beach located nearby. All this and more makes Hedonism Jamaica, true to its name, a property that attracts couples and singles ready for a good time like they won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Product Specs

Located just an hour outside of Montego Bay (Or about 90 minutes from Montego Bay Airport) Hedonism Jamaica resort has amenities that can accommodate a wide range of travel needs and tastes. The resort itself is full of amenities including pools, bars, nightclubs, and theme parties.

No matter when you’re interested in visiting, there’s always something to do and some exotic activity to take part in. This is an adult themed resort, so expect an energy and lifestyle like you may not be used to with other resorts. There are many rooms available with varying ocean and garden view lookouts.

For those interested in the more exotic aspect, there is a clothes-optional beach. There are also standard beach views for those who would prefer a more casual view of this beachside beauty.Hedonism Jamaica comes complete with pools and hot tubs, so there is always something to do whether you want to lounge or get involved.

Meanwhile, the food and drinks aspect of this resort have options and flavors to satisfy palettes and taste buds of all kinds. The property itself is all about openness so personalities, sexuality, and energies of all kinds are welcome and all underscored with love at the core of every interaction.


For anywhere between $350 and $500 US dollars a night you can secure your place at Hedonism Jamaica. Rooms are often booked well in advance so make sure you claim your space early and keep in mind the trip you’re looking for as rooms are divided in ‘Prude’ and ‘Nude’ sections, which designate people looking to have a more relaxed and casual experience versus people looking for a thrilling and sexually charged style experience in the ‘nude’ section. Clothing considerations are incumbent on each section as implied by their titles.

How It Compares

As compared to other accommodations in Jamaica, you have quite a few options. We took a moment to compare the following options based on price, amenities, activities, customer service and other various pros and cons:

  • Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica
  • RIU Montego Bay
  • Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island

Hedonism II

As compared to other accommodations in Jamaica, you have quite a few options. We took a moment to compare the following options based on price, amenities, activities, customer service and other various pros and cons:




For sheer access to gorgeous beaches, it’s hard to beat Hedonism Jamaica. The distance from the airport accompanied by the somewhat large drive from Negril can make it a little remote, but these can just as easily be pros depending on how you look at them.

The property at Hedonism Jamaica has everything you need to enjoy yourself. On-site restaurants and bars ensure that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ve got options and traditional creature comforts such as WIFI and air conditioning are pervasive across the property.

With nightly parties and a wide range of options on site, there’s always something to do at Hedonism Jamaica. Meanwhile, the proximity to the beach means there’s always outdoor activities and sports to keep you entertained during your stay.

Price = $$

Customer Service

As previously stated, the pricing is not specifically designed for just the ultra-rich but can be a little cost-prohibitive for the casual traveler.

The friendly and excited energy that comes with the team at Hedonism Jamaica is amazing. The hardworking and professional staff ensure quality service without compromise throughout the duration of your stay.


  • Exciting and liberating atmosphere is hard to find anywhere else in the world
  • Proximity to beaches and accommodation means there’s always something to do
  • Sapines adVersatility in accommodation means you’re always able to either party or relax whenever you feel like it labore duius nunc


  • Cost of the room can be prohibitive
  • Location is between major landmarks and can pose a challenge to find
  • If you’re not sexually adventurous, this atmosphere may overwhelm

Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica

Closer to the airport and about 90 minutes from Hedonism Jamaica, Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica adults-only resort that provides all the amenities and resources you could need to enjoy an exciting time in Jamaica.

From going to the to the beach to building up that beach body in their on-site fitness center, you’ve always got options for all of you daily activities. Meanwhile, for a relaxing alternative (and for an additional fee) you can schedule a treatment at Renova Spa or relax in the sauna for free.

There are pools and swim-up bars to keep your trip full of energy and enthusiasm and beachside chairs to give you getaway options whenever you like. Outside the beach is a litany of activities ranging from active options like kayaking and windsurfing and underwater options like snorkeling and more.

The rooms all have your traditional fair including WIFI, air conditioning and some other luxury items such as window terraces and more. When you’re ready to eat, you can enjoy on-site restaurants ranging from buffet to a la carte style service and serving worldly cuisine ranging from Italian to Japanese cuisine.

Recent guests have expressed the quality and variety of cuisine options available on-site. After dinner, an accommodating nightlife awaits with resort-style bars and lounges as well as a nightclub known as Pacha.




Right next to the airport and with abundant activities and beach-side opportunities abound, this site is well situated to satisfy every visitor’s needs

With the beach so close and an abundant on-site presence for food and restaurants, this property can keep you entertained for days or even weeks at a time.

With pools, bars, and nightclubs as well as the proximity to the beach so available, there is little opportunity to be bored at this beautiful resort.

As compared with Hedonism Jamaica, it seems to fall short on resort orchestrated activity, but overall you can always find something to do here.

Price = $

Customer Service

You’ll find friendly prices here ranging from $250 and going up based on the level of luxury. Overall, these are much more affordable than Hedonism Jamaica like due to the level of grandeur and location of this hotel.

As with any location, reviews vary, but overall people write that the staff was friendly and helpful for visitors across the spectrum.


  • Proximity to the airport makes access more available
  • Price is more affordable than similar locations
  • The resort itself is gorgeous and hardly lacking for activity or energy


  • Less activities organized by the hotel means may lack options compared to other hotel stays inactivity
  • Fewer restaurant options than other area hotels
  • Adults only mean not a family atmosphere

RIU Montego Bay

RIU Montego Bay, unlike Hedonism Jamaica, is a more traditional style resort that focuses on it’s all-inclusive deals and products to ensure that guests enjoy a comprehensive getaway experience inclusive of everything you could ever need to enjoy a trip that is relaxing and exceptional.

Also at Montego Bay near the airport, this resort contrasts Hedonism Jamaica in location by situating itself closer to the airport and nearer to traditional accommodation.

RIU Montego Bay is everything you can expect from a modern resort without compromising the local and exceptional beauty of Jamaica and its incredible beaches. Activities are typically found outside of your room package, but the ‘all inclusive’ deals typically cover all your meals as well as most of your drinks.

On-site, there is an incredible full-service spa and closer to the beach are activities like snorkeling and windsurfing. Meanwhile, for families, there is a complimentary children’s club, 2 outdoor pools, and a children’s pool, so no one will feel left out of the fun in this exceptional resort.




Just a short hop from the airport and still more remote than your typical resort, this hotspot is easy to get to and has tons to enjoy when you arrive.

As with so many other resorts on this stunning island, RIU Montego Bay provides enough to keep you entertained and excited for the duration of your stay at this exciting restaurant.

As compared to Hedonism Jamaica, you won’t find the electrifying and otherwise chaotic atmosphere associated with an adults-only style of their resort, but for family activity and fun, this location is hard to beat.

With proximity to the beach and on-site amenities like snorkeling and scuba options, you can quickly turn this relaxing location into an adventure without struggle or issue.

Price = $

Customer Service

Prices can range from $150 to $350 depending on the extent of what you purchase, but overall this option stands out for the economy as compared to our other options.

Staff and support team are often noted to be friendly and helpful although there were occasional complaints about maintenance being an issue when things do go wrong, it can take them quite a while to fix.


  • Family friendly atmosphere means activity for all
  • Proximity and location are exceptional
  • Prices are hard to beat


  • Older hotel might not be as luxurious as other options
  • Family friendly environment may make for a less thrilling Jamaica adventure
  • On-site amenities are fewer than other local competitors.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island

At Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island, there is an exciting and fun culture that awaits you. At the impasse of so many amazing cultures, Sandals offers a majestic Georgian-style retreat which is steeped in deep-seated British roots which are framed by gorgeous beaches and accented by friendly and colorful peacocks. While in this element you can enjoy British staples like afternoon tea and croquet.

Off the coast from there is the resort’s private offshore island which offers a stunning array of orient-style settings where you can truly indulge in a relaxing day under the sun. If parties are what you’re after though, the exciting Thai restaurants and exceptional nightlife will keep you engaged and excited all the while.




Just near the airport and next to so many other options and activities, you’re unlikely to find a resort so convenient and well situated in Jamaica

This is a beautiful resort complete with every amenity including some you wouldn’t expect to need (a private island perhaps).

You’re getting what you pay for, and the final result is a resort that spares no expense in showing you your money’s worth.

The benefits of having a beachfront property with its own private island means there’s no end to the list of activities and options both in the resort and in the area.

Meanwhile, its proximity to town illustrates a noticeably more connected means to area activity that competitors like Hedonism Jamaica may not be able to boast.

Price = $$$

Customer Service

With prices ranging from $600 to $1000 a night, this truly is a resort that caters to the wealthy and luxury lifestyle

The full service means exactly that; you are taken care of as soon as you enter the resort and are unlikely to find any concerns or situations that won’t be promptly addressed by this dutiful and friendly staff.


  • Luxurious and exceptional resort with many amenities.
  • A private island for a unique getaway like you won’t find anywhere else
  • On-site and activities will keep you entertained throughout your stay


  • Very Expensive
  • Doesn’t subscribe to the same adults-only aspect that Hedonism Jamaica does, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this place is lacking
  • Requires planning as it’s often booked in advance


Our Final thoughts on this Hedonism Jamaica are that it stands out as an exciting place and unique way to spend your stay in Jamaica.

On a list dedicated to adults only style entertainment we’d rate this place a 5, but amongst other places, we like to account for a large population of people who may not be interested in the hedonistic lifestyle and therefore give this place 3 stars for its focus on a smaller portion of the population.

Featured Image via Pixabay