Jamaica’s immaculate beaches will always be the island’s top tourist draws. However, there’s a lot to see beyond those white sand stretches of paradise. Believe it or not, Jamaica is home to some of the best-reviewed golf courses in the Caribbean.


Thousands of golfing pros descend upon Jamaica every year to test their skills on some of these exotic courses. If you’re at all interested in golf, you should take a brief look at this article. Below, we’ll go over six of the best golf courses in Jamaica. All of the following courses are easy to get to from Jamaica’s largest cities.

1. White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course

View from the White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course

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Almost every list of “Best Golf Courses in Jamaica” puts White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course at the very top. Not only is this course well-received by visitors but it has also won many awards in the past. Of the many awards White Witch Course won over the years, the most prestigious include placing number one for service in Condé Nast Traveler and winning the “Best Golf Course in Jamaica” award from World Golf Awards.


This relatively new course at the Rose Hall Great House & Garden is a 6,758-yard Par 71 course with unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea. There are both 16 and 18-hole course options and a total of five tee boxes for every hole. If you just want to practice, there are also plenty of practice greens and bunkers here.


In case you were wondering, this course is named after the Rose Hall Great House’s 19th century plantation mistress Annee Palmer. Many people have spotted Palmer’s ghost haunting the grounds since her passing…so beware! To learn more about the history of this plantation, you could take a tour of the great house either by day or by night.


Location: You can find White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course on Rose Hall Road, Rose Hall, which is a 20-minute drive east of Sangster International Airport.

2. Sandals Golf And Country Club

Sandals Golf And Country Club, Jamaica

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The Sandals Ochi Resort in Ocho Rios has a spectacular 6,404-yard 18-hole golf course. Like the White Witch course, Sandals Ochi is par 71, however it only has three sets of tees. Both Golf Digest and Frommers Travel Guide consider Sandals Ochi’s course to be one of the best golf courses in Jamaica.


Enjoy great views of nearby mountains and the sea as you play a round of golf with friends. You could also up your game at a practice range or a chipping green. If you ever get tired, take a break by the Sweet Spot Jerk Shack or walk around the Pro Shop. Then, when you’re finished with your game, go out and explore all the incredible waterfalls and rainforests that make Ocho Rios such a popular tourist destination.

Location: This resort is located in 130131 Main Street, Ocho Rios.

3. Negril Hills Golf Club

Moving now to the westernmost tip of Jamaica, the Negril Hills Golf Club is a fine 6,333-yard golf course near the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. This golf course is considered Par 72 and has 18 holes. The soothing scenery, which includes rolling hills, lush greenery, and still ponds, make this one of the best golf courses in Jamaica.


Even people who don’t like golf can find something fun to do at this club. There’s actually a pro tennis court here for anyone interested in playing a match. When you need to recharge, just head over to the club’s restaurant for an authentic Jamaican meal.


Location: If you take A2 from Negril’s city center, you should see this club on your left. It’s a a short distance from the Negril Airstrip and lies within easy access of Donald Sangster International Airport.

4. The Tryall Club

The Tryall Club, Jamaica

Image Source: TryallClub.com

Heading back to the Montego Bay area, the Tryall Club has a highly reviewed 18-hole golf course. This 6,836-yard course was designed by Ralph Plummer to naturally accentuate the beauty of the northern coastline. If you are going to visit this course in 2017, just know that there are serious renovations going on the front nine holes until November.


Guests can still play an 18-hole game using the back nine holes twice. As with the other courses listed above, there are plenty of practice areas in Tryall for people who want to perfect their technique.


Location: The Tryall Golf Club is located on Alice Eldemire Drive, about a 30-minute drive from central Montego Bay.

5. Cinnamon Hill Golf Club

Cinnamon Hill Golf Club, Montego Bay

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The 6,828-yard Cinnamon Hill Golf Club is a part of the massive Rose Hall Great House. The main reason this golf course is so intriguing has to do with the area’s history. You’ll actually be playing golf on what used to be a sugar plantation in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Designers deftly incorporated the rich history of this region into the course, so you’ll see various gravestones and ruins as you walk through this course. There are 18 holes on this Par 72 golf course. Without a doubt, Cinnamon Hill is one of the best golf courses in Jamaica for history buffs.


Location: You’ll find this course at Queen’s Highway, Rose Hall, near Montego Bay.

6. Constant Spring Golf Club

Constant Spring Golf Club, Jamaica

Image Source: JamaicaGolf.com

Located in a valley near the capital city of Kingston, Constant Spring Golf Club is one of the oldest and best golf courses in Jamaica. Initially, Constant Springs Golf Club was only a 9-hole course when it was built in the 1920s. Today, this 6,096-yard golf course satisfies international golfers with a total of 18 holes.


Although this course is somewhat narrow, it is extremely scenic and offers great views of nearby mountains and hills. Many visitors recommend taking some extra time at the 13th hole because it has the greatest view of the surrounding hills. There are also tons of live music events going on at Constant Spring Golf Club throughout year.


Location: This golf club is located at 152 Constant Spring Road, Kingston, 02476.

Summing Up

There’s no better place on earth for a golfer to enjoy Caribbean scenery while working on his/her game than on these exceptionally designed courses. Whether you’re flying into Kingston or Montego Bay, you should’ve found at least one ideal course above for your needs.


Of course, this list of the best golf courses in Jamaica isn’t exhaustive. You’re sure to find more world-class golfing opportunities throughout this island. However, all the courses listed above have been well reviewed by locals, tourists, and major travel agencies.


OK, enough talk. Now it’s your turn to see firsthand why so many travelers have dubbed these clubs the best golf courses in Jamaica!